The Light in Your Eyes
South Korea · 2019
Category:  Comedy · Drama · Fantasy · Romantic
When Kim Hye Ja is a young girl, she finds a watch that, when wound, can turn back time. Coming from a low income family, it provides a source of amusement for her for a while, until she realizes that every time she takes a trip down memory lane, she ages. So puts the watch away to age normally with her peers. As an adult, she dreams of getting into broadcasting, but is told she looks too old for her age. As her peers make their way in the news world, Hye Ja remains unemployed and her insecurity grows. Then she meets rising star reporter, Lee Joon Ha. The two strike up a friendship that has the underpinnings of something deeper. But poverty and misfortune forces Hye Ja to do the unthinkable and unearth the time watch. Suddenly, Hye Ja is 70 years old and both she and Joon Ha must come to terms with the disappointing twists of fate that have left each of them jaded and hopeless. Will either of them find their way back to a joyful, fulfilled life?